This blog is my journal. It documents my thought process, ideas, and trade setups. Most importantly, it shows my progression as I continue to develop and refine my analysis.

I am currently an Honors Bachelor of Commerce candidate specializing in Finance and Economics. Naturally I have taken an interest in the financial markets and like most I started off with a typical stock market competition. I began focusing more and more on the foreign exchange market reading up about the sheer size, hours of operations, and geo-political influences. My ultimate goal is to consistently translate my macro outlook of central bank policies, economic trends, and price history into an executable trade idea on the retail spot FX market.

To date, I have paid my “beginner’s learning fee” and continue to commitment countless hours of chart time in order to refine my trading strategy. As you scroll through my past posts, you can observe the changes from relying heavily on indicators to more of price support and resistance based analysis. My trading time-frame has also extended to typically 4-hours and higher.

My trading setup is nothing extensive or complicated. As much as I daydream of trading off six monitors

Feel free to follow or even reach out as I find my way as a financial gambler…or at least that’s what they call us retail participants ;).


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