U.S. Dollar bears weighs in

Traders are optimistic of the Euro as Greece talks with IMF continues. In the event of a forced exit from the European Union, the Euro will most likely remain with the strength of the remaining countries. Just a quick couple of notes for a bearish U.S. Dollar.

First sign of a bearish week ahead as the daily produced a longer upper tail signaling the failure to push price higher. Currently we are observing how the USDCAD pair tests the downwards channel.


USDJPY is temporarily making a pull back from new highs. The support turned resistance level is holding right now. I have entered a short position just for the move down to the trendline where I expect this pair to find support.

USDJPY 15-Minute
USDJPY 15-Minute


Keep in mind that the U.S. Dollar is still fundamentally stronger. I would treat this current condition as another round of closing out positions for buyers who have taken the long position.

The short term bearish stance comes as the jobless claims earlier this week did not fair too well with traders. Instead of the anticipated fall to 271K, it rose to 282K. Next week will be crucial with the Non-Farm Payroll release coming out.


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