GBPAUD trade closed off; Another overnight short on NZDCAD

GBPAUD closed off quite successfully last night or should I say early morning? I opened my trade at 1.93595 and closed at 1.92446. However, this pair actually fell throughout the morning to about noon-ish New York time. It fell close to 1.9140, which nets approximately 220~ pips of potential profit.


I closed this trade based off of a potential supply level. Because of the huge bullish candles originating from the 1.9200 price level, I closed off my trade just a bit earlier to be on the safe side.

In the meantime, this is another trade I just opened spanning into the night to early morning. Hopefully I am able to capture the full movement. Since I will be away for the night (sleeping), once again I will take the same trailing stop setting.


Current take profit level is just slightly above the upper bound range. Take profit is set at 0.9245, which is sitting at the previous range break-out above.


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